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im a raider ark sz

yo yo im from da land of the playa, slick talkas, and colla poppas
narcotics, and boss ballas, pit bulls and rot weilers
niggas wit gold teeth, old schools on gold feet, killas, and o.gs
task postil da police
mac arth to foothill, east 14th
sobrante park, woodfield, plymoth, and walnut street
from the ville to seminary to the rollin 20s
wit ghetto celebrities
like big feek and little d
see da east bay dragon is da home of the packers
where niggas slang tons of crack and feds catch it on camera
throw you in the slammer
its the home of sho and hammer
boss ballas move to atlanta
niggas stole our grammar
thats my ropas, thats my nephew,
thats my weeples, thats my nizzle
please believe me
go fa sheezy
off the hizzle
do ya thizzle
wit my niggas rod and dope fiend grittle
rock residential slang crack and pack pistols
every track i sizzle

chorus 2x
cuz im a raider, oakland raider
from da bay to l.a. to las vegas
cuz im a playa, a boss playa
and if you wit me pop ya colla shake dem hatas
im a raider

im a raider, just like my niggas befo me
but i was a thief wit out the open face gold theeth
and en vogue was some fine ass oakland raidettes
and too $hort was the first oakland raider on the set
now who man was a raider when he was fuckin wit debt
and anascory x was a raider when he was awarded a stake
and dangers dane
was a raider when he was callin hoes names
but i know
from the lake on sundays, to the five o
now we to eastmont wit the sideshows
but its fun, and im famous, but i aint tryna die tho
niggas be goin out in a gang but not i tho
if i have to go back to dope, im slangin fo survival

now dru, pimp he do
if you hoe-in then he pimpin you
tried it fo 30 days, i aint lyin i aint wit it dude
a baby sittin job, oh my god thats a job
but i still wanna do it cuz thats 100% i

chorus 2x

heirogliphics been raided from 93 to infinity
some unda ground shit that just shook the fuckin industry
and humpty wit his gon ass, a raiderin his own right
da whole d, you cant fa get you amped on sight
now mistic, she da only female raider i know
you da shit baby girl, im just lettin you know
and last but not least,
tupac shakur nigga rest in peace

im from da city of dope, the town of the crack
im from da city of pimps, the town of the mac
east oakland!
he told you, ebonics speech broken
the luniz bout to have the streets locin
down south keep smokin
hey we got the killer dro
and 8 heiron kilos fo days
its the city of worriors, home of da as
where niggas get sideways
shoot outs from highways nigga
yo, east oakland bitch!
im a raider!


3x krazy, sidle, rest in peace eclipse, bad influence, rest in peace rappin
rime, ant banks, seagrem rest in peace my nigga, black dynasty, delinquents,
richie rich, 415, mc-n, the coo, point blank, e a skee, steady mobbin, all yall
is raiders muthafuckas
raida muh fuckas what?!!

damn, what about me? its my curry baby. im not a oakland raider? god dayum
im the first muh fucka on t.v. i was the first one that did hbo. first one did
apollo. i cant get qualified bein hall of pimpology as a oakland raider what?
uh, im da first one on dubs what? im a oakland raider baby. thats right,
representin da town. east side oakland
you know how we do it east side o, nigga straight up take yo hoe. i was all day
long, you know how we do it in da town, crystal, big dank, dats da way we role,
ol school sittin on 20s. it dont make no difference. floatin, doin it all,
ghetto nigga from da eastmont mall.


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