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i got on it [weedless mix] ark sz
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i got on it [weedless mix] ark sz

creep on in.....
woah, see im ridin high......woahoooh
kinda rough to see em all so all i got is 5, i got 5

player, give me some brew and i might just chill
you know stoned is the way of the walk like cypress hill
but still groupie [backwards] hoochies wanna puff on it
i got some bucks on it but it aint enough on it
go get the s-t i-d-e-s, nevertheless
im hella fresh, no sweat, roll em like cigarettes
so pass it across the table like ping pong
im gone, beating my chest like king kong
its on, wrap my lips around a 40
and when it comes to get another stogie
fools all kick in like shinobi
homie you dont know me to begin with
theres too many heads to be poppin it at my friend hit bit
unless you pull out the fat crispy
five dollar bill on the real before its history
cos fools be havin them vacuum lungs
and if you let em hit it for free you hella dum-dum-dum-dum
i come to school with a vaga on my earlobe
fave for players, stay away from haters and weirdos
that be blowin off the land like "where the bomb at?"
give me two bucks, you take a puff and pass my bomb back
suck up the sack like a slurpy
im serious-ly toe-back, straight delirious like eddie murphy
i got more growin pains than maggie
cos homies nag me, to take the broccoli out the baggy

i got 5 on it
grab your 4 and lets get keyed
i got 5 on it
messin with that indo weed
i got 5 on it
its got me stuck and im toe-back
i got 5 on it
potna lets go half on a sack

check it out
i take sacks to the face whenever i can, dont need no crutch
im so keyed up, til the greenerys burnin my hand
next time i roll it in a hamper
to burn slow, so the ashes wont be burnin at my hair, bra
hoochies can hit it but they know they got to pitch in then
i roll stoges longer than your extension
cos ill be damned if you get high off me for free
hell no, you best to bring your own spliff chief
wassup? dont make me sip that, best ta pass the
chron-chron, stop hittin cos you know you got asthma
crack the 40 open homey, and guzzle it
cos i know the broccolis in my system gettin lonely
i gots ta take a whiz test to my p-o
i know ill fail cos i been gettin keyed bro
and everytime we with chris that fool rollin up fatties
but the tanqueray straight had me


eh, make this right mayn, stop at the light mayn
my yesternight thang got me hung off the night train
you fade, i face so lets head to the east
hit the stroll to 9-0 so we can roll for cheap
i wish i could fade the eighth
but im low budget, still rollin the two-do cutlass, same ol bucket
foggy windows, drink in hand
in the land gettin smoked wit my kinfolk

you aint know
yukll spray ya, lay ya down
up in the o-a-k the town
homies dont play around, we down to blaze a pound
then eaze up, speed up thru the e-s-o
drink the vsop up with the lemon squeeze up
in your throat, we broke but we smoke like a chimney
cos its the remedy like hennessey
we fin to be over mayn, i told ya
if you dont got 5 on it you cant get high on it



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