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i got on it reprise ark sz


creep on in, on in (echos)
see im ridin high, ridin high (echos)
kinda broke you see me, so all i got is five
i got five!

verse 1 -(knumskull & yukmouth)-

i got five on it
i got five what you got nigga?
damn i think i got two bucks in my sock nigga.
well thats that
fuck it
i think i got three bucks in my backpack
enough to get a phat sack.
hell yeah!
you got some zags?
not at all man.
lets get some from the store.
fa sho, because a nigga need a tall ken.
open the door blood.
nigga where my keys at?
i dont know?
remember i gave em to you to go get that weed sack.
oh here they go in my sock.
put your seatbelt on
cuz theres hella cops parked up the block.
well nigga bust a u-ey then.
nigga fire up that doobie then.
hell nah!
you major skanless potna.
well sue me then.
oh, be like that on a roach?
nope, look at them hoes!
man fuck them tricks, nigga lets get smoke!
pass the doobie to the left biddy-bum-bum-boo!
whoa! what the fuck wrong wit you?!
damn i had a flash back
this nigga frontin me some yay
but you know that he aint gonna get his cash back.
nigga what if the cash jack?
oh its cool
fuck this, im puttin it in the cuts.
its bad enough he got not tags on the cutlass
eh you know what? 84th is the closest.
a fat ass hamp, nigga lets smoke this.
lets roll a blunt wit the skunk.
why you bring that skanless ass sack?
man this shit aint no punk.
here smell this.
roll it up then nigga!
haha, yeah!
lets go half on some liquor
yeah go get some tango or something.
(eh, i got to see some i.d.)
aww man, shit i aint got nothing!
man i spend wit you all the time.
(sorry no i.d., no colors icy bine)
aww fuck that!
they didnt let you get the drank?
(get out my store!)
man i aint trippin.

chorus -(mike marshall)-

i got five on it
grab your 40
lets get keyed
i got five on it
fuckin wit that indo weed
i got five on it
its got me stuck and im tore back
i got five on it
nigga lets go half on a sack.

verse 2 -(knumskull)-

i take a sack to the face
whenever i can
fuck a cruch
i be smokin that shit
til the joint be burnin my hand
next time i roll it in a hampa
to burn slo
so the ashes wont be burnin up my hand, bra
hoes wanna hit but they know they got to pitch in
i roll a joint thats longer than your extension
cuz ill be damned if you get high off me for free
fuck that
you betta bring your own shit cheif
dont babysit that
you better pass the
joint! nigga stop hittin cuz you know ya got asthma
crack a 40 open homie
an guzzel it
cuz i know the weed in my system is gettin lonley
i gotta take a piss test for my p.o.
i know i failed cuz i done smoked hella weed bro
an everytime we with chris
that nigga rollin up a fattie
but the tanqueray straight had me
lit to the fullest extreme
there was gettin no higher
that shit had my chest on fire
dru down was swiggin to the face straight
but i aint fuckin wit that
i think ill stick to the crazy 8s
bring me a bottle and im cool wit that
im a lounge wit that
nigga bring me a phat sack
i dont know how to roll
but i know how to smoke!
i think im gonna hit it til my ass choke.

-(chorus)- x2
-(during chorus)-

whooo-weee! baby-boy!
im hella high. damn.
thats that indo.
only oakland got that doja like that.
only the town nigga.
eh man quit hoggin up the joint, man you baby sittin it.
what you talking about?
pass that shit over here.

verse 3 -(yukmouth)-

give me some brew an i might just chill
but im the type that like to light another joint like cypress hill
i steal doobies
spit loogies when i puff on it
i got some bucks on it
but it aint enuff on it
fuck wit the s the t, i-d-e-s
never the less
im hella fresh
rollin joints like a cigarrette
so pass it cross the table like ping pong
im gone
beatin my chest like king kong
its on,
wrap my lips around a 40
and when it comes to get another stogie
niggas all kick in like shinobi
nummy aint my homie to begin with
its too many heads to be poppin to let my friend hit shit
unless you pull out the phat crispy
five dollar bill
on the real before its history
cuz niggas be havin them vaccum lungs
an if you let em hit it for free
you hella dum-du-dum-dum
i come to school with the taylor on my earlobe
avoidin all the dick teasers
skeezers and weirdos
that be fuckin off the land like where tha bomb at?
give me two bucks
you take a puff
and pass my bomb back
suck up the dank like a slurpy
the serious
bomb will make a nigga go delirous like eddie murphy
i got more growin pains than maggie
cuz niggas snag me
to take the dank out of the baggie

-(chorus fades out)-


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