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i got on it gumbo funk remix ark sz
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i got on it gumbo funk remix ark sz

[chorus x2]
i got 5 on it
just got paid and i wanna smoke big
i got 5 on it
put a 5 on a sack and we can blow big

[knumskull] open the chips
[yukmouth] open the fifth, lets get licked
[y] cos im on one
[k] i grab the drink but that bag boy was a strong one
[y] im strong like van damme
[k] hell no, more like bam bam
[y] oooohhh!!!
[k] almost got my ass slammed, til i hopped in the trans am
[y] with the, pozzi rear, no fear,
rowdy sideways to these hoes house
[k] eh give me my take
[y] why?
[k] so i can get that stoge out
[y] save it for later player, these [blank] better fader, vader
[k] but if they dont then (see ya later gator)
im not a player hater, i just need weed
[y] why lie, like houdini pulls a rabbit out of his sleeve
[k] sticky icky, green leaf, so we can blow big
man im so high i done forgot where these niggas live
[y] what? go get the pager digits fool
[k] it was in my pocket
[y] what you sayin?
[k] i dont know where da hell it is
[y] man thats why they call you knumskull
because your brain froze and everythangs stolen
hole in your pocket with gold chain showin, hehe
[k] aaah yukmouth, dustmouth
[y] what?
[k] you swoopin to the left this way,
you better stop blowin ya breath this way
[y] now say, if po-po was on our ass
[k] no they aint stockin!
[y] man they on our ass i aint bullshittin!!!
[k] you best ta hit a coupla corners, be swayz off the alize
before your ride get took for thirty days
[y] fool you crazy
[k] im hittin 80 in a high speeder
go all out, cant wash no drawers out in santa rita

chorus x 2

forget 5 on a sack cos i quit, almost had a seizure
smokin the straight-up leaves had a brother keyed like lei-zure
but forever got on-thems on that drink though
your talkin about choosin links, i pulls out my whole bankroll
(man you got 5 on erything, huh?) dude who asked you
to speak? youre too cheap cos i got 5 on the gas too
i passed you da hemp (5-0) but you never gave it back
cos you too busy tryin to play the mack
whats your name? (money green) money seen, money gone
bustarama, look like you never ever had a home
put 5 on the hindu, player lets drink
(man i would if i could) but you cant, so play the link
fools whistle dixie, dont got no scratch and try to lie
quick to hop in my hooptie and try to ride
slide yo, its over, you dont got loot, your ride stank
and dont try to grab my drank, boi

chorus x 2

yukll spray ya, lay ya down
up in the o-a-k the town
homies dont play around, we down to blaze a pound
then ease up, speed up thru the e-s-o
drink the vsop up with the lemon squeeze up
in everybodys throater, im the roller
thats quick to fold a blunt out of a buncha sticky dosia
hold up, suck up my weed is all you do
kick in feed, cos where i bes we needs half like them foo-foo
comin from your true blue, funks j the period
j periods strapped with ak, somethin serious
delirious brain and thought mushrooms, its like when i inhale
get smoked for my dead homies and, folks thats up in jail
i shoulda been down with redman cos my posse
be pistol packin, actin a fool off that rozzi
alize, equals one mo casual-tay
for cash i mass move ghetto in a camp like alloway, hey

chorus x 4


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