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i got on it clean bay ballas vocal remix ark sz
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i got on it clean bay ballas vocal remix ark sz

ha hah, the remix.. five on it!
we creepin in too, baby
{we got five on erythang mayn}
we got uhh, dru down; we got the.. luniz! (shock g, whassup?)
{know its goin together man}
yeah, richie rich, e-40 (spice 1)

[verse one: dru down]
you say you got five on my tender, you can bend her over the table
but be sure that you bring my stallion back to my stable
say, bruh? no elementary school ground playin
not a five dollar bill, but five double zero on the real feel
im on the level, stayin mellow
no criticism from the fellows, hello
being keyed durin a high-speed but still dont tap the b.b.s
im d.d., dru down, baby

[verse two: knumskull]
like nyquil, i drop fever; so either put your five up
or ya gots to "leave it" like "beaver"
cause see a, niggy perkin brokell smoke your spliff all day
go home and buy big drinky with his pretty then parlay
i got five on the hennessey, seagrams, or 40s
cause "this is how we do it" like montell jordan
im from the oakland city, frank nitti is a goner
knum blowin it up like oklahoma

[verse three: richie rich]
put ya feev with my fin, best believe well bend
mo corners than you thought, to somethin writers bought
mo c-zacks? believe that, tokin
where you from? oakland, smokin
in attempts to crack the chest plate
the zips be so fluffy, the whole town loves me
at every event im sacked up
so if ya need me, scream "double r" when ya see me

chorus: michael marshall

i got five on it {"got it good!"}
grab your fo, lets get keyed
i got five on it..
messin with that endo weed!
i got five on it {"got it good!"}
its got me stuck, cannot go back
i got five on it..
potnah, lets go half on a sack!

[verse four: e-40]
e-40.. why ya treat me so bad? 40 makes it happen
fives gets slapped and revenue grows
from just a little bit of lightweight flamboastin
potent fumes lingerin mighty clouds and northern lights
you expect to vick the baron
and youll be violatin my civil rights
im startin to feel my scrilla
but perhaps today my scrilla aint feelin me
for the simple fact that im off to the track with hella fools b
pockets empty, pitchin five, man im dusted
took off my hat, passed it around, man sprinkle me

[verse five: yukmouth]
me and e-40 to the head, comin fed plus, you let the lead bust
ready to do a murda, mayn; perved off the hurricane
slurred again, witness what bein off two-fifths equal
me killin people like jason, facin death every sequel
(insane in the membrane!) "bring the pain" like method
neglected, smokin kryptonite to the brain for breakfast
guzzle the hen-do, finsta do the evil that men do
give me feev, i shall proceed to continue


[verse six: shock g]
yeah, its been a while since ive hollered from the town
mess around and heard yuk and knum, said i gotta be down
cause new styles is goin down, look around you
tunes from the lunz spreadin round and round you
back to get my o on, they let me flow on
the thirty-five on it, yeah, im on it
still bringin satin for them drawers
velvet for the mic and got a pound for the cause

[verse seven: spice 1]
rollin up cannabis seteva, hittin the mary jane
smokin the five before its tweleve oclock, sippin on hurricane
ready to smoke on the endo; rollin up my window, fin to go to the land
with a hand fulla broccoli, when it comes to the sticky im the man
crush nasty i be hittin the j so hard i earl
fall on the floor fittin to have a stroke t-h-c aint no joke
i got five on erything, lets get loaded and smoke
s-p-i-c-e about to hit it an croaaaakkkkk


yeahhah, whassup baby?
its me, your boy with the kick thats always tight
you a little short on some ends?
dont worry, ill take care of that, i got five on that
i got you


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