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dirty raps ark sz

intro pt. 1: dru down

is um, like chillin in the wind, you know what im sayin
breezy as fuck, im like representin the east side of the o
my name dd, if you didnt know, you know what im sayin
the luniz is here to like represent 9-4 and 9-5
givin it up to you muthafuckas like real live
so take it to advantage and give it up, niggas

intro pt. 2: cnh (dru down)

(c.n. muthafuckin h, hey, fffwussup w-wussup wit that bitch, nigga?)
what bitch? the bitch that i nutted all up in her face
and was grippin all down her back?
(huh, yeah, that ol bitch that uh,
had on that ol tight ass shit wit them bikinis and shit
draws was fittin tight! you know?)
ehh, after i nutted in that bitch face
i took a broom and shoved it straight up her muthafuckin pussy
(cause she a trampy slutty ass bitch, you feel)

im at the peak of my age; when i wake up my dicks hard as fuck
steady stickin hoes so you know i dont press my luck
i like to fuck until she bleedin
dont ask me no questions, afterwards you know that ill be leavin
i might not leave right then and there though
im not givin you no ride, so get up, put on your hair, hoe
i got no feelings for hoes at all
cause i know when they leave, the next nigga fuckin up the walls
so when i have em for a one night, i have more fun than hasbro
but i dont be fuckin hoes in the ass though
thats a no-no, a nay-nay
i remember to take my dick out, hoes, cause i dont want no babies
it doesnt matter what position we in
cause when i nut, the cums headin straight for ya chin
my dick is shootin like a water hose
and if your tits are big and in the way then ima water those
ya think too $hort was bad
hoe, ya better think twice cause ima have you wearin out ya kneepads
and what the fuck is a threesome?
i dont give a fuck about how many hoes, im fuckin plenty hoes
it doesnt matter to me nuthin, you can put ya mouth
on my dick, but there just wont be no eatin out
we can have lots of fun though
take a hit of henessy, uh-oh, ya better run, hoe
cause i be horny as fuck hittin the yang in the gut
and if you think you can hang then good luck
ill take ya on no matter what ya think
ya know shits all good, just as long as it dont stink
so open up and let me in, and in the end
all ya have is nut drippin off ya chinny chin chin, wit my...

break: cnh (dru down)
man, you muthafuckas is dirtier than a muthafucka
thats all yall talkin about
just nut and cum and bitches suckin dick and shit like that
(ay, ay nigga, bring ya ass out the bathroom, nigga, ay
whats that vaseline doin right there nigga?
yeah, nigga dont tell me its for ya muthafuckin lips, ha ha ha
yeah nigga, bring ya ass out nigga, right now)
yeah, you know what im sayin, wussup yuk?

yeah, yukmouth in the muthafuckin house, the crib or the pad
look out the back of my ass, peep the sag
love to hit blunts cause thats the shit, but never eat the cunt
when i fuck wit a stunt, that aint the lick, punk!
sellin out and gettin sick when ya earl is when
niggas lick the pearl tongue, fuckin with them girls from
the ghetto, if it wasnt for dukie braids
the hair be nappy that done fucked everybody and they grandpappy
wearin a rubber cant provoke
a nigga from catchin gonorrhea in the throat, so you choke
i never was a nigga down to eat
i just pound the meat, enough to put a bitch sound to sleep
most niggas dont know what they doin on it
ya might as well grab some shit out the toilet and start chewin on it
cause niggas eat the asshole too
leavin hella doo-doo on yo tongue, now you sprung on the bitch
(she fucked the crew even) steven segal was above the law
and i aint puttin my lips on shit that aint above the bra
hoes pout when on the couch cause i never put my mouth down south
you gotta count me out like ralph
im not a stone cold gentleman but my dick is sensitive
when it goes down the throat and hit the ribs (yeah)
so open up and let me in; in the end
all ya have is nut drippin off ya chiny chin chin, beyotch

outro: cnh (dru down)
(yeah, like me, you know what im sayin
im givin a bitch a golden shower,
ya know, pissin all in the hoe face, ya know,
some of that dirty ass shit, like cnh, tell these hoes!)
yeah, yknow what im sayin
its that dirty shit, yknow what im sayin
for all you hoes out there who suck plenty of dick,
who swallow plenty of cum,
and take a fat dick in yo muthafuckin ass, bitch
(ya cranky ass bitch, yeah)
this somethin to ride to, in the 9-4, hoe!


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