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-(yukmouth talking w/num in the background)-

southwest ridas playboys (ya highness!)
fuckin wit tha luniz (tha luniz are here!)
we back in this mutha fucka
9-scrillion, bout ta make a million bucks (e-40!, e-40 man!)
ya capable (b-legit!)
eh, here ye here ye (b-legit!)
all the pimps, playas an hustlas, get ya bread on mayne (b-legit!)
ya capable (e-40 man!)
ya capable
ya capable
peep it.

verse 1 -(yukmouth)-

eh, eh
live an direct
4-5 an a tech
niggas be bustin in disguise like why would you lie
when cops arrive on the set
dope fiends die over a check
ya niggas strive fo tha best
to get some seats to rest in peace
but funk dont die on tha set
you must lie fo yo set
an if you ride fo the set keep yo vest handy
understands me?
lace tha family wit candy like willie wonka
fiends pull up to my bumpa
infedamines, an green marijuana
whatever you want a nigga got it
slangin narcotics
i juss socked tha shit out a fiend fo runnin off wit a nigga product
heiron he shot it
into his veins
got it by sellin everythang
thats when he broke into his older son house mayne
its strange to watch ya dad box
ya beat ta death talkin about, "all you had to do was ask me fo some cash
but its too late wire his shit up
jaw stiched up
lip bust
fo fuckin wit us
sick ass niggas.

chorus 2x

do i starve and do without
stay about your paper route
get yo cash
ya capable.
stay about your paper route
ya capable
stay about your paper route
ya capable.
ya capable.

verse 2 -(numskull)-

for a nigga that make stacks
he got to pack macs
get off when shit haps
shit off some stanky
a nigga gets kidnapped
shoulda have
too late
put in halfs
been confiscated
now your whole domain is isolated
on the turf ya been on for long years
dont ya realize somethin is wrong here?
shoulda kept ya focus
know this shit is called
ya mail mammy
cuz mail holds together your whole family
understand me?
fuck tonys sister
thats the reason he could come an get ya
if i snub ya
then nigga i get richer
picture this
bitch had a block
bitch slanged rocks
bitch sold glocks
an had ties wit the cops
now is
no dummy get yo bread on
but if you go the wrong route
then you will get your head gone
thats why i got capablitys
to stack some skrill
become maxin fat cats
wit the gats concealed
so i.

-(chorus)- 2x

verse 3 -(yukmouth)-

eh, eh
eh, eh, eh
one time fo ya mind
here to represent the pimps, playas, hustlas, ballas
and my niggas on the grind
packin 9 milla-metas
9 lives like cheatas
but ya stealin reeta, drug
dealas peep tha shit that i kick
hustlin, bustin down zips
makin kicks
if we aint makin it we takin shit to the extreme
hit the scenery wit machine
get the creamery an ice cream
ya capable.

verse 4 -(numskull)-

thats why
greediness makes greedy dead niggas
not followin the plan makes bleedin from the head niggas
bit off a big chunk of the wrong battle
that shit
fucked ya whole shit, so you scaddled
i done, did licks for kicks
went through battles an won wars dig
this rap shit is one more win
he fucked wit me
loving to corrupt the city
lord if its my turn then please come an get me.

-(chorus)- 2x
outro -(yukmouth)-

dig this
i dedicate this to my mobb niggas. (fa sho)
you know, poppa l.q.
bossalini (bossalini)
madd maxx (madd maxx)
3 times (3 times)
cydal (cydal)
dru down (dru down)
you know what im sayin, the list goes on an on
the nic nac (you know what im sayin)
richie rich
swoop g!
you know tha mobb niggas, we all capable
big gov (gov)
my niggas capable boi, this paraphanalia!
tha mutha fuckin mobb!!
bay area
oh, bosko lacin the beat (yay area)
bosko the finest
you cant fuck wit it
thats all you got
eh, we got bay, l.a. boi
eh, we got l.a. an tha bay nigga thats all you think of is tha west coast
when you think of tha west coast
all you think about is l.a. an oakland (mee & u)
done deal.
done deal. (echos out)


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