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wild out ark sz

crazy time!
whoa (my dawgs)
whoa, whoa, whoa, (ok)
whoa, whoa (yo,yo,yo), whoa, (yo, yo, yo)
whoa, (yo) whoa, (yo) whoa, whoa

chorus 1
wild out!! (cmon)
wild out!! (uh huh)
wild out!! (if ya glad that l-o-x is ruff rydin now!!, cmon niggas)
wild out!! (whooo, what, what)
wild out!! (wild out, wild out, wild out)
wild out!! (all my niggas throw your guns up, yo,yo)

i know niggas in the clink
that send pipe bombs thru sinks
that got dough and still wanna stick yall wit minks
yall would think yall was jinxed wit a month of bad luck
im that huntin muthafucka and guess who da duck
im elmer and you daffy like the looney cartoon
but this aint no cartoon
my bullets clear out the room
i said "boy, try to learn the fundamentals here, son."
like that rooster and that chicken hawk i teach about a gun
i place my money on one
ill pull it out, youll run
i wave it in front of ya son and both yall is done... blah!
for gods sakes, what a nigga gotta do to make a half a million
must i wave it at yo children?
run up in yo buildin and go straight for the bank
got the coke saran-wrapped at the bottom of the tank
i know those tricks
ya suppliers, papi and them, i know those dicks
give me those bricks
now, wild out niggas

hook 2:
wild out!! (uh, uh, uh, uh, yo!)
wild out!! (ok)
wild out!! (if ya bouncin in da club actin like you cant get in!)
wild out!! (what, uh)
wild out!!(yo, yo, yo,yo)
wild out!! (yo, yo,yo,yo,yo,yo)

for every check i deposit, its just a new burner in the closet
and the big onell kill you, ya brother and ya pops quick
might take one slug to get yall both
cuz muthafucka, ima make sure i hit yall close
and whoevers left guarenteed he gettin it all
cuz his ass coulda ran when i was lookin at yall
i get rap money, plus im in the hood wit dimes
and i aint got no felonies, im good wit crimes
not all dat wit macs, but im good wit nines
great wit eights
nigga, ill heat ya face
and i got a hungry lawyer thatll eat the case
i used to cop so heavy that the block got mad
and niggas start callin up the cops like cabs
my 16s make niggas go to they dorm
lock in and workout, then come out in the mornin
wild out and blow a co jus cuz its borin
wild out nigga

hook 3:
wild out!! (yo, yo,yo)
wild out!! (yo, yo,yo)
wild out!!
(if ya just got outta jail from doin wild time, lets bawl out!)
wild out!! (yo!)
wild out!!(ok, cmon cmon)
wild out!! (uh, uh, uh, uh)

i pray to the allah
but im too foul to go to the mosque
and if its beef, ima murder you and go to da squad
holiday styles
screw niggas far as they rap
i let my shotgun ball ya bat
make ya coffin outta ya plaques
and bring ya ice to hell
yall fuck around dis album, ill do life in jail
and if you under 21, you shouldnt listen to dis
you hate a nigga, go and kill him while he takin a shit
so, when the cops come and get him hell be makin em sick
so, they could feel how i feel
i had a probable cause
you know da shit that happens when you dont follow da boss
follow the rules
kids get followed to school
and the thug niggas ball ya boo
target practice was a horrible view
its fucked up what tomorrow can do
and these niggas feel sorrow for who?
til we put you in da dirt, we aint partin wit you
wild out niggas

hook 4
wild out!! (ya better back up dawg)
wild out!! (everybody, yo, yo)
wild out!!
(if a nigga grillin your chick, uh, and she wit you, fuck that!)
wild out!! (yo, what?)
wild out!!(cmon, cmon, cmon, i cant hear you!, cmon)
wild out!! (if ya find ya nigga cheatin, lets go girls!, cmon now!)
wild out!! (uh, yo!)
wild out!! (cmon cmon)
wild out!! (if a nigga step on ya gotdamn shoes, fuck that!)
wild out!! (uh huh uh huh)
wild out!! (yo, yo, whoa!)
wild out!! (if a nigga owe you money, and aint paid ya yet!, fuck that!)
wild out!! (cmon, oohh)
wild out!! (what what!)
wild out!! (if ya workin at a job and the boss fire you, fuck him!)
wild out!! (uh!)
wild out!!(yo, yo,lox niggas, lox niggas)
wild out!! wild out!! wild out!! wild out!!
(whoa, whoa, whoa, everybody!)
wild out!! wild out!! wild out!! [pause]
(anybody, young niggas, dead bitches!, tear it up!)
wild out!! wild out!! wild out!! wild out!! wild out!! wild out!!
wild out!! (<- extended, pause) wild out!! wild out!! (skinny nigga)
who? swizz swizz beatz (uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh)
2 thou- millenium (millenium)
money makin plenty-em
you hear that
l-o-x, l-o-x, l-o-x, we here!

(answering machine recording)
yo, kiss man
im tired, im not doin a verse today, man
ill do this shit tomorrow, man
do da hook and everything, man
just save me 16 bars
ill be there tomorrow
im watchin a fight and chillin, tired man


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