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if you want it you can get it ark sz
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if you want it you can get it ark sz

styles paniro

what sense does it make to talk and not listen
shine eye glisten, bmz 3 automatic ignition
ice on wrist and
an armani safari suit, when im fishin
goodfella tradition, ring the
my thing is the six double o, deep dishin
you never seen a thug with a sallary
trying to get fat like callories, open art galleries
no love lost and, how you think it feels gettin dumped in the coffin
youd rather be flossin
remember one rule, get the money thats important
share with your people, if you dont, take caution
l.o.x. keeps it real so we share every fortune
all about dinero so make another zero
runnin from the cops in the iced out carrero
don styles, good fella paniro

chorus: if you want it, we can do it,
take your time, do it right, we can do it baaaby
(we them niggaz that you niggaz be talkin about),
get that money right! 2x


when it comes to this money niggaz, you can bet im all in it
the rocks on my neck be briguette almond
always on the job so i never call in
while yall playa hate ima keep ballin
theres too much cream to be countin
in the glass house with the greek fountain, on the mountain
dont get it twisted, 914 is where im listed
the cat with the corleone christmas
iced out wrists
poppin the cork, on the crists toastin champagne with my misses
did you imagine me, in the new e-
class benz with the laser cut key
then we leave the gats with the lady down the hall
cause only real niggaz stash they money in the wall
we here now, so if you love it prepare now
twenty deep up in the club havin you stared down



when you a goodfella, you get cheddar for your work
rock versace leather shirts, when you dead a girl it hurts
i flowed around the world with a mean golden girl
throat full of pearls drinkin mo until she hurls
i need a hundred mo cause i got a ton of hoes
that lay up in bungalos with sexy under clothes
this your last waring, remember youve been told
nothin less than the s benz when we roll
i rock the latest gators, with the tennis sole
all expensive clothes, suits from kenneth cole
now im that goodfella everybody wanna meet
every girl i meet spends two weeks in boutiques
we can do whatever my whole team got cheddar
fromt the bar to the telly jaguar with the celly
suits from perry ellis, got niggaz jealous
what they tryin to tell us, we the goodfellas


sheek luchion

cant nothin come between me from gettin my cheddar
dont talk me to death, you just a side better
so you aint gonna talk to me, the way you do
cause for that paper, we aint gonna play with you
i know the broke feeling, tryin to make a million
while popo watchin me, my clickll make a killing
cause you that type of nigga that dont wanna see me rich
you scared im gonna get money and be goin up in yo bitch
and even when we at the mirage, im on my job
come out the garage dipped out in camoflage
ready to work, for that cheddar youll get hurt
layin face down with your head in the dirt
and for that pasta, who gonna stop us
im sheek luch the mobster, and not even the coppers can knock us
its all real, you think not
im just another link in the l.o.x. before you blink youll get dropped.



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