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i wanna thank you ark sz

yo, you cant fake it
lifes only what you make it
front, be a snake, mess around, get your weight it
ex-school boy who wanna go and try to take shit
found his body, in the projects, naked
i aint gonna lie, if i wasnt doing this now
id probablyd be tied down, in a small town
with my eyes on a couple of guys
with their eyes on a couple of pies
cause i will survive
brains, is the key to the game
if you aint got none, what good is a shotgun?
if you aint got guns, then you better cop some
cause the new world orders around the block, dun
streets be where lox get their props from
check us on the internet, l-o-x dot com (lox.com)
a worldwide message, i try to express it
the best i could, for yall to cherish, till i perish

chorus (kelly price)
i wanna thank you, heavenly father
for shining your light on me
its been a long time
since i had someone to love me
i owe my thanks to thee

they never expressed, that lifes a part of death
they never go there, but you can blow here
the 25 to life and greens from below
where, outta nowhere, you in the bus, hands is cuffed
cant call your mom, dog, you know times is rough
you was out yesterday, stressing a better way
funny thing, they always seem to lock down kings
and the thugs on the street just love to say, "its all foul."
watch the honeys check your style
worthless, when they worship, what you purchase
they only see ice, not me, under the surface
whats the purpose? i just, go my way
know my way, till bullets blow my way
which they might, cause any night can change your life
keep your state of mind tight and remain alright
its plain to fight, but different to shoot
and might do it
if you aint 10 different ways to get loot.

chorus (kelly price)

hey, yo, we handle rap like we do the street
holding heat
its them same crooked niggas
watching dough, aint nothing sweet, word
buying beats is like copping grams
niggas got too many scams
to give you garbage, slide the butters to their mans
thats aiight, though
cause even ready rock gets sold on our block
watch us turn nothing into nitro
and we dont mingle
cause none of us dont really know you
from the heart, we never talk to strangers
so why start?
anyway, were rapping for this luxury shit
i watch wild niggas blow
see how plush shit can get
but we aint trying to kiss ass to blow up fast
we gonna take our time and rely strictly on the rhyme
if i, wasnt that cat, sheek lucian, that rap
would you still be my man
and pass your bottle to my hand
would i be in the rain
while you pass me in the land
oh, you think by now that i dont already know your plan
to get next to me and possibly sex me
then slip ecstasy inside a niggas pepsi
moneyll never amount to respect, b
and you dont wanna test me
cause god blessed me.

chorus (kelly price)
and i know
i know that it could not happen without you
i know it could not happen without you


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