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get this $ ark sz

(puff talking)
why they always talking about money?
cause we like money bitch
yeah, yeah, yeah
l-o-x and we wont stop
bad boy, im a show you how we get this money

you cant take this
players hate this
rainbow glow
european bracelet
made his mouth drop, now he need a face lift
mommies run up on me and ask me to taste it
hand on my crotch
got to be the sales or the band on my watch
damn im so hot!
they call me arrogent
while you slide with seven mommies in a caravan
you start traveling
ill make you a believer
hotter in the club getting brain from a diva
leave with a beezer
black cadillac riding with an old geezer
with ten different hustles so every foe sees us
no reason
we just peas in a pod
trying to get the paper
we the gs in the lot
long as the water boil we bound to keep it hot
its gon be turmoil if you thinking that its not

chorus x2
im a show you how you get this money (make it hot)
im a show you how you get this money (dont stop)
im a show you how you get this money (i fucks wit you)
im a show you how you get this money (get money)

three fly cats that get money with go gimmicks
yall just so timid
my soldiers be no limit
what you know about renting a yacht with twenty jet-skis
and riding out till the coast guard come and get me
beat that!
me, stylez, and sheek be like 4, 5, 6 so no matter what you roll you
cant beat that
who you know could take an old record and flip like puff?
from small clubs to arenas
who flip like us?
everytime they pull up
whips be plush
chicks be tough
bad boy, hits r us
back its me, west indies
me and kimmy
and i taught her how to say, "may i have a steady gimme"
i aint bustin cause we picked up them joints you tossed
yall was hot until the lox came and cooled yall off
its the kiss
are you hearing me?
i think im blessed lyrically
mad rappers with three lps sill fearing me

chorus x2

you see, we bounce on tracks like bas-ketball
and bust down songs till our throat need halls
i spend all day fishing
and wont catch one
just me and mommy out in the sun
just sailing, chain so icy if i threw it up
you think it was hailing
dont even ask me what the price be
to go to a show, no clubs just arenas
headliner stevie wonder, no small cat between us
after parties be goin like venus
my chick gots be the meanest
before i come
that night
if she aint she aint partying right
thats how we like to play in bad boys with all the fly shit
and thats how we do the chips kid
beef, dont apply it
please dont try it cause we aint with that
but if so you gon need a plastic bag where your shit at
lox and we got that cash you want to get at

chorus x3


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