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blood pressure ark sz

the headphones is on fire dis time around, styles
blood pressure
yall just bear wit me
yo, last time ima tell these niggas, man
cant fuck around, man
jada, man
old nigga, new nigga
wha!! yo, yo, yo...

verse 1: jadakiss

who really da best rapper since b.i.g. aint here
yall know da answer to dat when kiss aint here
when you see me, dont ask me nothin about us
and dont definatly ask me nothin about...
fuck it
you owe me one, i owe you two
i woulda smacked you wit da burner, but i know youd sue
and i aint talkin to him
im talkin to you
matter of fact, im talkin to yall
life is like walkin a yard
niggall stab you wit a fork in da heart
and the source got muthafuckas thinkin they hot
like my dope
got fiends thinkin they shot
when you thinkin of da best, nigga
think of the lox
ill cut ya fuckin hand off if ya pinky rings hot
then come thru ya block in a sticky green drop
hop out
let off fifty-three shots
wouldnt care if i hit fifty-three cops
guliani might as well be merkin niggas
cuz the time that he givin out is hurtin niggas
and all these record labels jerkin niggas
and you never was a thug, yous a workin nigga
and you heard that shit right there?
i started that
dont make me put somethin up in ya starter hat
no matter who you are, or where you from
screw all of dat
im not tryin to hear dat, son

hook: 2x

now, who da fuck yall want? (jadakiss!!)
and who da fuck yall need? (jadakiss!!)
and who da fuck gon bleed?
all yall hataz, cuz none of yall niggas (cant fuck wit jada!!)

verse 2: jadakiss

dont you be dat clown nigga in da back of da whip
thats gon get the second half of da clip
and all im sayin, itll be da other nigga in the front of the da whip
runnin his lip, wit a gun on his hip
feel me dawg?
everybody walk da walk til they run into kiss
then, they get stabbed, or hung, or stung wit da fifth
how you think ya man hard when son on my dick?
cuz i can get his ass body, plus front him a brick
got a chick named super-head
she give super-head
just moved in the buildin, even gave the super head
i cop big guns that spit super lead
so, play superman, end up super dead
call ne kiss, or da kid from the lox
thatll twist ya moms out and do a bid wit ya pops
we was in jail, you probably wont get no mail
and if you pumped on my block, you wont get no sales
when ya ceo know you cant fuck wit i
i make a million by june
im sayin fuck july
and i beg you to try me while im holdin da tommy
ima have ya body all over da lobby
i already helped yall
im about to melt yall
tell the truth, dawg
i aint never felt yall
this album, we gon bubble like seltzer
if it aint double r, who da hell else is hard?!

hook until end


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