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youre still here ark sz

(sarah majors/adam hughes/d. vincent williams)

itll be twelve moths to the day in an hour since you left me
eleven months three weeks since i left town
first stop was tendin bar down in baton roughe
thinkin i could get way from you
but you were on my mind every time i turned around
so then i went to austin, texas then to pheonix then i flew outta lax
lord i cant believe its been a year
i keep leavin but youre still here

touched down in seattle waited tables in a coffee shop
i tried my had down in reno dealin cards
took a bus to try my luck on the east coast
spent a week with my blues in chicago
but everywhere i went you were in my heart
i almost thought i lost you in d.c. but in boston
your memory caught up with me
for every mile ive cried a million tears
i keep leavin but youre still here

so if youre wonderin why im standin on your doorstep
its cause you never left im here to ask you for another chance
cause baby i just cant forget

the way you used to hold me and show me
you loved me like youd never ever let go of me
for me that feelin never disappeared
i keep leavin but youre still here
i cant keep leavin cause youre still here


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