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dead language of love ark sz

is there a question about it? do you feel sentimental yet?
what are you communicating, yeah please can you tell me that?
i got seduced by a preacher, i was blind but now i see
and im going to show those bastards the same respect that they are showing me

if we spend our whole lives bending
what do you think that we will get?
what are trying so hard to understand?
arent the structures obvious yet?

yeah if we are so righteous, where is the action to our concern?
do you think that the moral light that guides you will be the same to make the powers turn?
i got seduced by an impulse, i got a bigger need to feel
cause your definiton of love baby doesnt satisfy me

if we spend our whole lives bending
what do think that we will get?
what are you trying so hard to understand?
aret the structures obvious yet?

your dead language of love
hey i dont mind breaking starbucks windows cause it is more fun
hey i can envision more radical times
not just standing silently around


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