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a new morning, changing weather ark sz

god damn lets hit it on the weak spot,
everybody knows that we all had enough
smell the scent of gasoline fumes cause were not victims and we know what to do
right now a systematic shutdown of new world orders and restructuring plans
hold tight cause here comes the latest craze ive got news baby and this is what i say
yeah, a new morning, the weathers changing
god damn lets build a new movement, dead time pacifies so lets do it
this time all these slogans will come alive, were not going to be bored this time
right now a systematic shutdown of neo-liberals and assorted clowns
so strike the match and baby clench your fist,
here comes a party that we dont want to miss
yeah, a new morning, the weathers changing
hey, independence, we are playing a little game, i said
hey, independence, we have got it on the way


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