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whats that spell go to hell ark sz
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whats that spell go to hell ark sz

so here i am yeah!
once again yeah!
calling out the news
whats that spell
yeah! got to hell yeah is that phrase im about to use
i saw you from my window when you were climbing in
it was just a matter of when
and sure enough youre back again.
so now youre standing on my floor
begging me for more you want alot that
i havent got and i keep wondering
what for
wont ever listen wont ever go away
but this time you wont be missing the point of what ive got to say

cause youre that certain someone
whos been messing with the wrong one
whats that spell?
you get one at a time of my eight bits put them together
and read my lips
whats that spell?
go to hell!
feels just like a sickness where youre a constant cough
or maybe like a smell that just dont wanna wear off
could you be liquid by accident retained
how do you spell the point that i sustain


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