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when all else fails ark sz

another day goes by you lay your head down
and you count yourself the richer for the grief
those rare moments of joy and painless laughter
will pass you by like stardust in your sleep

youve been immobilized by jurisprudence
weighing in on both sides of the scale
theyve handed you less than you might have asked for
and all that theyve bestowed is old and stale

outside the hustlers hustle
and philosophers wrestle
with the symptoms of our age
while youre moderating monologue
between a sucker and a sage

another day goes by you lay your head down
you cant get no satisfaction or relief
moving one step further down a line
stretching back far beyond belief

you put your letter in the box
and you hope for the best
but you cant take it back
once its off of your chest

they only turn the clocks back once every year

for 21 years youve been aimlessly walking
down detours and down all the well-worn trails
and all the while youve been shamelessly talking
but thats how you kill the time when all else fails


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