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turn their backs ark sz

i got my education in the ivory halls
found the pulse of the nation in truck stop toilet stalls
and were running out of time because were running out of patience
so visit our sins on future generations

you can speak or have a conscience but you know it doesnt pay
theyll keep you at the margins and theyll shut you away
ive been looking up and down and searchin round these parts for hope
is like finding your footing on a slippery slope

its all that i can do just to make it
and say the emperors around us are all naked
its all that i can do just to make it through
and fight against their tendency to turn their backs on you

they envy you because youre young, its what they wanna be
but kid beware of hucksters wholl sell you slavery
theyll package inspiration like a product on a shelf
killing any inclination to find it for yourself

see them try to forge a new consensus
after all these years of bludgeoning your senses
day after day they say
"would you have it any other way?"
and give a deep sleep of a smile at your reply


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