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one for eugene ark sz

from the one-two punch of the days of 19
to the clear and present danger of the modern scene
nonsensical fools with centrist views wanna crucify their saints
and their struggle for existance is a totalitarian fate
your tradition of sedition is quickly being replaced
the rush to moderation is shocking
distinctions still put men behind bars
the mutinous at heart will bleed in their masters bloody wars
and the intelligent are in traction as the times of crisis near
will they mobilize for justice or will they mobilize for fear?
you always dared to tell the truth
this ones for you eugene
had a heart and conviction in everything youd do
canton 1918
theyre so filled up with delusions, i wish there were another way
but gene, i gotta tell ya, theyd still lock you up today
the man was cruel to you eugene, draconian at best
your tradition of sedition will soon be laid to rest


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