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currency ark sz

pound for pound we carry out threats better than anyone around
mean what we say even when we lie
the heavyweights of the insolent class
no counterweight to our whip and our cash
our needs must never be denied
always raising the stakes
always aiming low
weve got no conscience and were gonna explode
theyre putting up a strip mall where the factory used to be
we deal in violence while it is the currency
were gonna blow!
brick by brick we put up walls that are never sufficiently thick
to block off the consequences
still we save face by alluding to a mythical time and place
yearning for the days of wine and picket fences
the world is tuned in
a globalist episode
our morals are paper thin and were gonna explode
dont look at me baby cause you know my hands are tied
i know you left me here and im rotting on the vine
lying well enough to make a strong man fear the meek
check your pocketbooks cause i know you got off cheap


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