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broken bones and death trips ark sz
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broken bones and death trips ark sz

broke every bone in your body
for all i know
gone halfway to heaven before the devils seen you go
the years are changing
from far away
and ill wake up in nebraska on new years day
i put the brakes on like a sinking suspicion
and tell me what have i got
no control over old libraries of useless thoughts

i think someone should hit you
they should hit you where it hurts
with sticks and stones and break your bones and leave you in the dirt
the things that they say
behind your back
are too treacherous to be anything but fact
the futures so bright that its fight or flight
to the sound of a siren song
when you dont know better, you put off what you cant prolong

wish you were here
wed start the year on a death trip!

as the clock struck midnight
in another time zone
all i could think about were your broken bones
and as that car swerved
from side to side
for the first time in a year i felt satisfied
but like every feeling i felt you felt it first
every time i hurt you felt it worse
and the times i knelt to receive your curse
are in the ditch by the side of the road


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