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bars to me ark sz

early in the morning to an afternoon of toil and despair
youre always shooting yourself in the foot
from the food you eat, right down to the clothes you wear
and the nights get long and lonely
and the sun refuses to shine
on a life that goes from day to day
with no reason and no time
all over town, the people resound with "we just wanna be free"
no other way to face the day, thats what it means to me
all of your life, youre under the knife, slaving to routine
no mistakes to make if you wanna escape, looks like bars to me
they shut you up the moment that you mention your distractions and your dreams
so you shut your mouth and do the best you can
to live a life of secrecy
and you sing a song so free despite the threat of harsh remand
and you laugh to yourself at those who keep their heads buried in the sand


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