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"this book deals with epiphenomenalism, which has to do with consciousness as a mere accessory of physiological processes whose presence or absence... makes no difference... whatever are you doing?"

aphra benn: hello
cervantes: donkey
daniel defoe: to christen the day!
samuel richardson: hello
henry fielding: tittle-tattle tittle-tattle...
lawrence sterne: hello
mary wolstencraft: vindicated!
jane austen: here i am!
sir walter scott: were all doomed!
leo tolstoy: yes!
honor de balzac: oui...
edgar allen poe: aaaarrrggghhhh!
charlotte brontë: hello...
emily brontë: hello...
anne brontë: hellooo..?
nikolai gogol: vas chi
gustav flaubert: oui
william makepeace thackeray: call me william makepeace thackeray
nathaniel hawthorne: the letter a
herman melville: ahoy there!
charles dickens: london is so beautiful this time of year...
anthony trollope: good-good-good-good evening!
fyodor dostoevsky: here come the sleepers...
mark twain: i cant even spell mississippi!
george eliot: george reads german
emile zola: jaccuse
henry james: howdy miss wharton!
thomas hardy: ooo-arrr!
joseph conrad: im a bloody boring writer...
katherine mansfield: [cough cough]
edith wharton: well hello, mr james!
dh lawrence: never heard of it
em forster: never heard of it!

happy the man, and happy he alone who in all honesty can call today his own;
he who has life and strength enough to say yesterdays dead & gone - i want to live today

james joyce: hello there!
virginia woolf: im losing my mind!
marcel proust: je meen souviens plus
f scott fitzgerald: baa bababa baa
ernest hemingway: i forgot the....
hermann hesse: oh es ist alle so häßlich
evelyn waugh: whoooaarr!
william faulkner: tu connait william faulkner?
anaïs nin: the strand of pearls
ford maddox ford: any colour, as long as its black!
jean-paul sartre: lets go to the dome, simone!
simone de beauvoir: cest exact present
albert camus: the beach... the beach
franz kafka: what do you want from me?!
thomas mann: mam
graham greene: call me pinky, lovely
jack kerouac: me cars broken down...
william s burroughs: wowwww!

happy the man, and happy he alone who in all honesty can call today his own;
he who has life and strength enough to say yesterdays dead & gone - i want to live today

kingsley amis: [cough]
doris lessing: i hate men!
vladimir nabokov: hello, little girl...
william golding: achtung busby!
jg ballard: instrument binnacle
richard brautigan: how are you doing?
milan kundera: i dont do interviews
ivy compton burnett: hello...
paul theroux: have a nice day!
gnter grass: ive found snails!
gore vidal: oh, it makes me mad!
john updike: run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run...
kazuro ishiguro: ah so, old chap!
malcolm bradbury: stroke john steinbeck, stroke jd salinger
iain banks: too orangey for crows!
as byatt: nine tenths of the law, you know...
martin amis: [burp]
brett easton ellis: aaaaarrrggghhh!
umberto eco: i dont understand this either...
gabriel garcia marquez: mi casa es su casa
roddy doyle: ha ha ha!
salman rushdie: names will live forever...


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