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lucy ark sz

by w. wordsworth

i travelled among unknown men,
in lands beyond the sea;
nor, england did i know till then
what love i bore to thee.

tis past, that melancholy dream!
nor will i quit thy shore
a second time; for still i seem
to love thee more and more.

among thy mountains did i feel
the joy of my desire;
and she i cherished turned her wheel
beside an english fire.

thy mornings showed, thy nights concealed,
the bowers where lucy played;
and thine too is the last green field
that lucys eyes surveyed.

she dwelt among the untrodden ways
beside the springs of dove,
a maid whom there were none to praise
and very few to love:

a violet by a mossy stone
half hidden from the eye
-fair as a star, when only one
is shining in the sky.

she lived unknown, and few could know
when lucy ceased to be;
but she is in her grave and, oh,
the difference to me

a slumber did my spirit seal;
i had no human fears;
she seemed a thing that could not feel
the touch of earthly years.

no motion has she now, no force;
she neither hears nor sees;
rolled around in earths diurnal course,
with rocks, and stones, and trees.


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