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lost property ark sz

postcards and letters
t-shirts and sweaters
passports and parkas
mobiles and chargers
two tennis rackets
blue rizla packets
a new sheep-skin jacket
i lost it all

all through my life there have been
many rare and precious things
i have tried to call mine
but i just cannot seem
to keep hold of anything
for more than a short time
possessions of a sentimental kind
they were mine, now theyre not

gym-kits and trainers
asthma inhalers
silk-cuts and bennies
ten-packs and twenties
c-class narcotics
the holes in my pockets
i lost it all

all that id like is to know
just where do those lost things go?
when they slip from my hands
then one night in a dream
i passed through a sheepskin screen
to a green, pleasant land
i found them all piled up into the sky
and i cried tears of joy


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