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in & out in paris and london ark sz
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in & out in paris and london ark sz

"it is a far far better thing that i do now than i have ever done before
it is a far far better place that i go to than i have ever known before"
my slap n tickle made her giggle
made her wiggle like a willow tree
so suggestively
so i suggested
she protested
i persisted till she said "well, okay..."
and i said "wey-hey!"

in or outof one thing there can be no doubt
out or inthis is not a sinits not even original!
and hey, were all individualsso let the games begin!

i fall in love with someone new practically every day but thats okay
its just the price i pay for being a man (if thats really what i am)
and i refuse to take it all too seriously
its such a strange activity,
far too peculiar to be taken any other way
dont wait until tomorrowdo it today

in out in out in out in out in out in out in out

shake it all about


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