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hate my way throwing muses ark sz
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hate my way throwing muses ark sz

i could be a smack freak
and hate society
i could hate god
and blame dad
i might be in a holocaust
hate hitler
might not have a child
and hate school
i could be a sad lover
and hate death
i could be a neuro
and hate sweat
i hate my way

i make you in to some
i cant rise above the church
im caught in a jungle
vines tangle my hands
im always so hot and its hot in here
i say its all right

my pillow screams too
but so does my kitchen
and water
and my shoes
and the road
i have a gun in my head
im invisible
i cant find the ice

a slug
im tv
i hate

a boy was tangled in his bike forever
a girl was missing two fingers
gerry ann was confused
mr. huberty
had a gun in his head

so i sit up late in the morning
and ask myself again
how do they kill children?
and why do i want to die?
they can no longer move,
i can no longer be still...


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