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dumb it down ark sz

youve got a personality
well throw you in the sea and watch you drown
dumb it down
your concentration spans too long
its longer than this song, thats not allowed
dumb it down
you dont need books to know whats what
well pile them up and burn them to the ground
dumb it down
and if you say that were corrupt
well round you up and run you out of town
dumb it down

down and down and down it goes
where it stops nobody knows
and not a lot of people seem to care
well its so crazy, its so great
we can all communicate
but no ones saying anything out there
is there anybody out there?

intelligence is dangerous
a virus of the brain you pass around
dumb it down
well vaccinate each boy and girl
lobotomise the world through sight and sound
dumb it down
no one can tell you what to think
and if you think thats true then youre a clown
dumb it down
cause freedoms wasted on the free
you just dont see the beauty all around
dumb it down

down and down and down we slide
its too tricky to decide
between channels one and sixty-three
cause everything is mindless fluff
like this worlds not dumb enough
does anybody feel the same as me?
is there anybody listening?


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