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dont look down ark sz

"birds and planes go
through the rainbow
every day though
you simply refuse
old-fashioned ferris wheels
are no big deal
theyre just big wheels with chairs
so dont be scared
just set yourself free"

she tells me its alright
to open up my eyes
she holds onto my hand
and the clouds float by
the couple in the car below
they wave to us and say hello
i think they understand
the way were feeling

i dont need to say i love you
when were floating
so far up above
everyone elses lives
are intertwined
with yours and mine
i hope
they find the joy
that we have found

she tells me its alright
to open up my eyes
she holds onto my hand
and the clouds race by
the couple in the car above
i suppose they think
that were in love
i think they might be right

and without warning when were almost at the top
the wheel that turns us all comes to a sudden stop.
the wind thats blown us dies a quick and painless death
the air gets clammy and we hold each others breath
we get the feeling that were not alone in this
and then a god who really ought not to exist
sticks out a great big hand
and grabs me by the wrist
and asks me "why?" and i say
"well god, its like this
it may be arrogance
or just appalling taste
but id rather use my pain than let it all go to waste
on some old god who tells me what i want to hear
as if i cannot tell obedience from fear
i want to take my pleasures where and how i will,
be they disgraceful or distasteful or distilled
and to be frank i find that life has more appeal
without a driver whos asleep behind the wheel"

then god decides that he has taken quite enough
of all this atheistic tosh im spouting off
and so he calls upon his favourite angel choir
to sing of times when men were filled with christian fire
but over-zealous angels flap their wings too fast
and cause the wind to blow and turn the wheel at last
and soon my feet are safely back on solid ground
and then i hear a voice say
"dont look down!".


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