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bleak landscape ark sz

i cannot reconcile myself to this
i wish i could!
i cannot live the life i ought to live
i know i should!
i cannot bring myself to pray,
except to wish these words away
they echo round my head
but soon they will escape
across the bleak landscape

there is a tree that grows out of this earth
it stands alone
there is a wind that shaped it from its birth
by whom the seed was sown
i cannot bring myself to sing
it is a wild, untethered thing
that echoes round my head
but soon it will escape
across the bleak landscape

i cannot bring myself to... speak
except to wish myself asleep
every word unuttered
only serves to clutter up my head
when i go to bed
i dream that
soon i will escape
across the bleak landscape

and soon we shall escape
across our very own bleak landscape


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