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i know my love ark sz

lyrics & music by: the chieftains

i know my love by his way of walking
and i know my love by his way of talking
and i know my love dressed in a suit of blue
and if my love leaves me, what will i do?

and still she cried, "i love him the best,
and a troubled mind, sure can know no rest"
and still she cried, "bonny boys are few,
and if my love leaves me, what will i do?"

there is a dance house in maradyke
and there my true love goes every night
he takes a strange girl upon his knee
well now dont you think that that vexes me?


if my love knew i can wash and wring
if my love knew i can sew and spin
id make a coat of the finest kind
but the want of money sure leaves me behind


i know my love is an arrant rover
i know hell wander the wild world over
in dear old ireland hell no longer tarry
an american girl hes sure to marry


what will i do?


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