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hello and goodbye ark sz

lyrics by: tim rice sung by: madonna, andrea corr, jonathan pryce
music by: andrew lloyd webber transcribed by: nigel huang

in perons apartment, eva marches purposefully to the bedroom and wakes up perons young mistress. the bewildered mistress dresses and packs her bag. eva escorts the young woman to the door. the mistress looks to peron who does nothing. the driver takes her bag and closes the door behind her.

(eva and peron arrive at perons apartment. perons 16 year-old mistress is in bed.)

hello and goodbye! ive just unemployed you you can go back to school--you had a good run im sure he enjoyed you dont act sad or surprised, lets be friends, civilized come on little one! dont sit there like a dummy! the day you knew would arrive is here--youll survive so move, funny face! i like your conversation--youve a catchy turn of phrase your obviously going through some adolescent phase

so what happens now so what happens now where am i going to

youll get by you always have before

where am i going to

dont ask anymore


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