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defamation innuendo ark sz

4 years college
youve got knowledge
a bachelor degree
you read and write
you think its right
but dont come down on me

youre an educated jerk
write about us
i could squeeze you
like a pimple
but i dont need the pus

defamation innuendo
defamation innuendo
communication to third person
its defamation
my reputation

well,i got the record
i havent heard it yet
i went to the concert
i wanted to get in on the guest list
but they wouldnt let me in
defamation innuendo...

i didnt get a change to see the band
hell,i never heardem
and now ive gotta write aboutem
god,the story is due,
the storys due tomorrow
what should i write?
well,theyre no good!


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