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then she said my name ark sz
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then she said my name ark sz

let me tell you bout the book
that ive been reading
its got all my favorite words
let me tell you bout who i saw scheming
ya better know its not my girl

let me tell ya bout what ive been seeing
its the window to the world
let me tell you bout the secret
ive been keeping
said the oyster to the pearl

are you sorry?
no not me
and tell me why should i be
cause ive been knocked right off of my feet
and no i didnt even miss a beat

i never thought a love could be like this
then she said my name
now im wrapped around her finger
ill never be the same

so let me tell ya bout the joke
that youve been living
said the clown to the fool
let me tell you bout
the wheel that keeps on spinning
said the teacher to the school

are you worried?
well could be, cause ill tell you what ive seen
ive weathered storms that would sink most ships
yes i know when to button my lip

offer me a melody
pour a cup of wine
spill your deepest memory
and someday youll be fine


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