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ozone mama ark sz

written by: r. robinson & c. robinson

its a trip yall
git hip to this yall
it will git yall
gonna hit yall
never quit yall
right in the middle of our minds
the bug that bit yall
make ya itch yall
inch by inch yall
til your tall yall
see it all yall
near and far yall
we wont ever let it drag
this funny feeling got me reeling
like im walking on the ceiling
do it to me now

ozone mama lay your daddy down
under the stars right down on the ground
mother nature got me thinking
bout the love that youve been bringin
do it to me now

cmon the ride yall
we provide yall
its like this yall
never miss yall
git up and go yall
ya never know yall
we be the bottom of your bag
give a call yall
anytime yall
dont be slow yall
ya gotta know yall
on with the show yall
bring it all yall
we dont ever have to brag
well you got this poor boy thinking
your lovin cup ive been drinking
do it to me now


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