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my morning song ark sz

dizzy found me last night
saw some kind of new light
i woke up in a whirlwind
just you watch my head spin
the spectacle that made you cry
its a thrill a minute plane ride
its over time at ring side, no lie

march me down to the seven seas
bury me with a ruby ring
kiss me baby on an easter sunday day
make my haze blow away

i hide i seek and i find
truth in a fable faith in a rhyme
so why you want to bad talk me
are you surprised by what we see?
like the tables and the tides turn
on my bed the emperor worn
is that enough for me, could be

if music got to free your mind
just let it go cause you never know, you never know
if your rhythm ever falls out of time
you can bring it to me and i will make it alright
and if your soul is let go
oh you never know, no you never know
and if your heart is beating free
for the very first time itll be alright


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