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go faster ark sz

what kind of trouble did i get into?
gotcha moving, gotcha moving

not staying long just passing through
keep you rolling, keep you rolling

i know the chemicals you like too
gotcha moving, gotcha moving
and if you ask me nice
ill take you to school
keep you rolling, keep you rolling

i took all i need
i dont need no more
then ill take what i want
until i want some more

you cant stop
or i might pass ya
if you slow down
ill out last ya
but when youre down
you wont find me laughing
just one question i might ask ya
it might sound like a disaster
can you make this thing go faster?

i know something baby we can do
gotcha moving, gotcha moving
a pinch, a bite, a lick or maybe two
keep you rolling, keep you rolling

saw what i came to see
dont want to see no more
i dont think its diseased
but is sure is sore


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