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better when youre not alone ark sz
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better when youre not alone ark sz

i love you in the worst way
the only way i know
they say the clearer the water
the more that it shows
they say the deeper the river
the stronger the love
your eyes dont lie to me
and your smile is worth its weight in gold


this life, this life aches
and this life moans
this life is great, this life is great
and its better when youre
not alone,
not alone

you love me in the worst way
the only way you know
they say the higher the mountain
the more love that grows
they say the stronger the wind blows
the farther well go
i hope you dont lie to me
theres nothing better than your

how many times does this happen two people
like us meet
as i try to be humble and lay
down at your feet


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