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the river ark sz

love takes time we all agree
and times not the easiest to cheat
the water changes one degree
when will the shiver
of this river
turn to sea

the river does no good, no harm
tempts us like pirates to its calm
lovers shanty, devils psalm
goddamn this river
and its shiver
and its charm

if youve got loves a to z
dont go dredging river bed
use your fins and use your head
this rivers hooked the floating dead

our lives go bounding down the strewn
when will we realise minnow dreams
the frustration eating you and me
our only wish
to be the fish
that meets the sea

we cannot tell a he or she
but us fish can tell a we
we know the seed we know the tree
when will my conker
conquer thee

the cheaper woman and myself
weve both got ladders in our tights
when youve been left on the top shelf
youve got those ladders in your sights


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