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mothers pride ark sz

here he comes - mothers pride
with the first ever satchel she bought him swinging by his side
here he comes mothers pride
with a headful of get your laces tied and woe betide

with a years supply of sandwiches and fairy cakes
that she provides for him to eat at dinner breaks
its no surprise at all, at ad the friends he makes
his stomach aches
hes mothers pride

hes presentable, well looked after
hes domestically disastrous
hes adorable - mothers pride

here he comes - fathers pride
with a head filled up with devil dogs and genocide
here he comes - fathers pride
hes showing all the kids his tickets for ringside

hell always roam the yard looking for a fight
hell pick on all the kids whore twice his height
hes the reason dinner ladies toss and turn at night
teachers blight - fathers pride

hes the image of his dad
mickey mouse meets jack the lad
hes never sad - fathers pride

here he comes mothers pride
here he comes fathers pride
here he comes mothers pride
fathers pride
his mothers pride


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