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mini-correct ark sz

they say always use a condom, i say always use a whip
they say be careful where you come at night, i just shoot straight from the hip
when it comes to loves great fountain, i wont just take a sip
ill swallow and ill gulp until the fountain makes me sick

so its me left with the baby and disease
you cant say you didnt want it on your hands and on your knees
you made me feel so special
well you were especially good
im sorry that you misunderstood

these neatly folded corduroys hide rubber underneath
but the only rubber you have worn is that useless rubber sheath
i wont have what ive got for you stolen by no thief
cause the safest sex ive ever had was hanging from a tree

so youve left me for another pretty face
thats not true i left you for one half the human race
now im by myself
a woman who knows her place
its not so much the chase, its the race

they say treat her like a lady and shell treat you like her jewels
they say cruel to be kind, i just say cruel to be cruel
they say only marry once, i say only marry fools
they wouldnt have made the cane if you werent meant to break the rules

have you told them that youll hurt them then be gone?
ive told them that ill hurt them if that really turns them on
you left a bitter scar
i tied those ropes too tight!
ill tie them loose for you tonight

when i told you that i loved you
i meant mini-correct
when i said id never leave you
i meant mini-correct
a ring around your finger, a chain around your neck
that was major correct


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