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hey church i was thinking
the third world seems to be sinking
cant you all get over there
and well have them all over here

and you can learn to catch your own food
and you can learn to build your own hut
and well make up the usual excuse
to keep them in the pubs till theyre shut

hey skin, i just thought
the doctrine hitler has taught
is still kicking off in the states
cant you go and join with your mates

join up with the clueless clan
dress up in a bag and a skirt
end up looking like a jerk
meanwhile well have gone mad

and the hidden jukebox plays us a song
for each and everyone
for black, white, straight and the gay
celebrate you being away

hey turk i was thinking
ok so l may have been drinking
you can come drink over here
and well fuck them off over there

whisky for the greek and the turk
gin for the arab and the jew
a double arsenic for mister le pen
cause its him who soils europe and not you

and the hidden jukebox plays us a song
everyone should sing along
with a message thatll ring and ring
these are the words that we sing


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