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have you ever been away ark sz

your fight them on the beaches speeches make me despair
cause if theres one thing we can guarantee is you will not he there
tidying your room, making up your bed
and if your diarys full that week youll send us lot instead

send us lot instead, put a poppy by my lovers bed
we believe you when you say youve hurt your back

have you ever been away
where were you when we took calais?
you don t know, you dont care
you re just glad that you wasnt there
have you ever been away

im afraid your rule britannia mania doesnt ring so true
if i was captain of the waves id turn the gun on you
any last requests before you join dead?
ill crap into your union jack and wrap it round your head

wrap it round your head, take a look at all the blood weve shed
well believe you when you say it was worth it

liberate the streets of europe, give our kids a chance
give them beaujolais by tap and cheap day trips to france
but you have never seen or smelt this ungodly death
its like the stench of roasted lamb upon your fathers breath


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