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chicken wings ark sz

well i always knew youd take the crutches
and not the skis
1 always knew youd take the stilts
and then your knees
when god gave you the sky
i knew youd take the trees
son youve grown those chicken wings
you just cant fly
they anchored our dream yacht to ocean bed
chained our ideal home to bicycle shed
clamped our racing car before we sat in drivers seat
tied our shooting stars and wrapped them round a tree
we couldve courted einstein
couldve courted marx
we couldve gone for strolls
like other families do in parks
son you were born a dud
in a family without sparks
yes youve got those chicken wings
you just cant fly
the chequered flag
that losers despise
never flew in our port
or harboured in our eyes
cause we always formed that queue
for second prize
this familys got those chicken wings
we just cant fly
our winning tickets ripped up into shreds
the tale of this family, is its heads
were bouncing on a pogo stick
without any springs
it hurts me to admit this
but weve got those chicken wings
yes youve got those chicken wings
and all the luggage that the failure brings
is a swallow flying high that sings
look hes got those chicken wings
he may as well die


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