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full on idle ark sz

say youre one mans taste
"want what?" fall and break
weve seen the dream, folks, in our day
what? fought the father the pope
finally sent away

warden, lock it
free loves fought our battles thru the day
we were full on idle,
a lot of them say,
"obey your colorist,
bleach it all away

free reign, good rest
break, every brunette in the way
when were full on idle,
a lot of them say,
"obey your violence"
well, its kinda late

say youre one mans date
want what? fall and break
we were full on idle,
a lot of them say,
"obey your violence,

look close-
tide all white
row on the glass surf
he pulled the paddle
okay with me
in silence
what id like to do
with your violin
and its bow


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