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absolute reality ark sz

hey now now
hey hey hey
you may be rich
you may be poor
you may have nothing in this world at all
you may be black,you maybe white
you may be a prisioner in your own times
you may be lost. you may be found
you may have been beaten up and knocked to the ground
you may have belief, suffer from deceit
or you just might be blind
oh no no
you may affect the truth
you may be seen as false
you may be a king or a vagabond
you may be up, you may be down
you may sit in judgement with the rest of the clowns
you may have love
you may have hate
you may be the president of the united states
but even you, you cant sit and hide
while the worlds resources die
this is absolute reality reality reality
we are all the cause,
the solution to reality
ooh yeah yeah
hey now now
hey now now
you may be in control
you may be controlled
you may sit down till you do as youre told
you may work hard
you may never work at all
you may be accused but you dont know what for
you may be innocent or partly to blame
you may just be afraid in this power mad age
but theres one thing we all must find
some peace in our time
this is absolute reality reality reality
if i may speak of truth this is absolute reality
the absolute time, the absolute place
the absolute now for the absolute solution
its absolute reality now
now now now
this is absolute reality reality reality
this is absolute reality reality reality
this is absolute
oh reality
la la la la la
this is absolute
la la la la la
la la la la la
this is absolute


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