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mourning ark sz

is there something that you are trying to say dont hold back now its been a long time since i felt this way so dont hold back now

i purposely forgot about loving anyone cause im the only one who has who has been stepped upon

is there something that you are trying to say cause i can take it cause i grew up a man this way and if im hurt ill shake it

ill crawl back into my cave thats how ill make it cause out of all this hurt we have beauty thus become beauty thus become

chorus: in the mourning i can see the sights no wonder i could never keep you satisfied in the mourning i can see inside myself and all the things that you were trying to hide repeat

wishing all the best for you and now i will say goodbye cause all the shit that weve been through put wisdom in my eyes

so walk away, dont turn around cause i wont be standing here cause all the lies that ive been living through are becoming very clear and beauty thus become


then you conned me into thinking that all i had was you the small insinuations were cutting me through cutting me through

and now i stand alone here stronger than before and ill never go back never go back never go

chorus x2


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