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sunface ark sz

too often closed
with a little beauty
and the right supposing
suppose i meet you
and make you feel
there is no real reason
why i be real for you
for you - its just - a -
a dozen dreamers
this is the way i will it
sometimes -
im sometimes
im just, just, just too much
just too much
and i dont know
and never known
and all i ever want to be
and i cant tell you
i cant tell you
but its never really near to me
sunface, sunface, sunface, sunface

and, closing up
and winding down
this little beautiful
this little wonder ground
how would it be
to take your hand
im not the easy kind
ill never understand
and somehow
make it seem so right
this is the easy child
whos going to face the light
sunface, sunface
some felt it, some felt it
sunface, sunface
some felt it, some felt it

and walk around
and touch the view
there is an easy angle
least that is true
and truths enough
to make me smile
everbodys able and
everybodys trial
and if youre really
high enough
to be the pauper
and take the rough
well the easy time will never be
but your comets down
and it shines on me
(just a)
sunface, sunface, sunface, sunface
sunface, sunface, sunface, sunface
sunface, sunface, sunface


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