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preyed upon ark sz

when your life has all been token
and your stance is akin to broken hearts
youve grown weary - im not weary
i can take your part

its eye-open time, sailor
when they want you to pretend
you were inside that playground
you may be old - but not so old
that i cant see
see your old freinds and its as fresh as dew
but see whats new and its all the same to you
now im not choosy and im just half grown
i took the old man - i gave the old man
i took the old man back home

safe with us to serenade
to hang around your black scarf and black ways
i have "no idea" he said, "no idea of what ill do"

and talking less - it chases home
it chases dreams - but i have really no reason, no goal and so
if you "wanna" play real basic
if you "wanna" help us make it
dont forget youre alone
unless its all alone
dont forget youre alone
unless its all alone

you get preyed upon
ohh oh

i need to complicate you
to make you hate the things you might have done
and come out into the morning
its the sun you want
not the foreign time


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