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New Religion - Duran Duran

(VERSE):(Em)Ive been now sauntering out and down a path sometime.
Come on, it takes me nowhere which I knew
Faces everywhere pulling grins and signs and things
Telling me not there man its no go

(Dont go there boy)

I need a reason
I cant think without one now
Too much learning got to show
Call it treason
Maybe catch her dont know how
Too many things too much to know (D) (C)

(Em)Bring my timing in, seagulls gather on the wind.
Lady screaming, lady leave me out
Cause sometimes people stare
Coming down, electric chair
And steaming crowds they gather and they shout

Dont know why this evil bothers me Take another chance boy carry the fight. You can take him if youre fast
So why is he trying to follow me? Didnt I say if youre holdin on
Youd be laughing at the last
How many reasons do they need? I get along fine with them friends of mine
But you have to make a choice
I might just believe this time Youre singing out of tune, but the beats in time
And its us who make the noise

(CHORUS):(D)Im talking for (C)free, I cant (Am)stop myself, its a new(G) religion
(D)Ive something to (C)see, I cant (Am)help myself, its a new (G)religion

(VERSE):Okay my reasoning might be clouded by the sun
But someone sees the departmental lie
You know this peacetime jabbing fist in stabbing knife
Only get one look before you die

Dont know why this evil follows me Gotta take pay for the saints n sinners
In regulation hats n scarves n things
So why does he try to bother me? Walking in formation down the lane
They carry their cross make a church bell ring
How many reasons do they need? Army majors pull a mean cool truth
There lying in a swimming pool
I might just be right this time Searching for the undeniable truth
That a man is just a fool

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